Battle Plan

Whether you realize it or not, you live in a war zone. You may not see it but you fight it every day. It is an all-out spiritual battle for your heart and soul against Satan and his evil forces. Be ready to defend yourself against whatever the evil one throws your way, and learn about the ultimate weapon that works every time you’re in the heat of spiritual battle.

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The Ultimate Weapon


When we consider the Cross of Jesus, we begin to understand just how much God loves us. It is the power of the Cross that enables us to return good …

Know Your Weakness


Life is not just a race or a boxing match, it is a war – and we are not bulletproof. That’s why we must appropriate the full armor of God every day. …

Battle Armor


If there was ever a time for boldness, it is now! In the battle we’re in, light armor will not do. Be fully clothed in the armor of God so you can …

Satan's Plan for Your Life


Whether you’re on a mountaintop or in a valley, Satan will attempt to keep you from fulfilling the purpose God has for your life. But God has …

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