Restored: A Study of Luke 15

Our foolish choices, selfish decisions, anger and bitterness are just a few of the roads that lead to the Far Country. When we find ourselves there, we can be confident that God is waiting for us to come home where we can experience His unconditional love, renew a sense of meaning and purpose in life, and celebrate the wonder of forgiveness and restoration.

Facing Fear


When we take an honest look at our lives we may identify a painful problem or debilitating circumstance we have allowed to persist due to the shame …

Is Anybody Up There


At the Cross, Jesus satisfied the justice of God and demonstrated His love so that we could know what God is like and understand His plan for our …

Wasted and Wanting


We can never do enough or be good enough to restore a broken relationship with God. It is only through our acceptance of His grace, love, and …

Shattered Dreams


God understands us completely and knows that we are vulnerable to the false dreams and dangerous lies of our culture. That is why He has placed …

Lost and Found


If you seek to live on your own terms it will lead – ultimately – to the “far country” and a wasted life characterized by restlessness, emptiness, …

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