The Church Awake

So many voices clamor for our attention today that it can be difficult to separate the true from the false or to understand what’s behind cultural trends and the threat they represent to a biblical worldview.

This series provides that clarity and explains what it takes to live courageously and take a stand against the forces that seek to silence us and compromise our witness. 

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Building Strong Families


In today’s culture, the biblical definition of marriage and family is under severe attack.  It is increasingly evident that the family, like a house, …

Created Equal


There are injustices in our society, and we know that racial animosity has led to wars, discrimination, and oppression for centuries. The church has …

Raising Lambs among Wolves


A dangerous and ungodly challenge to a biblical worldview has infiltrated our schools and the institutions that serve families. Jesus issued a …

Wake Up


We live in a society that increasingly seeks to undermine the very foundations of our Judeo-Christian faith. When the need to penetrate the darkness …

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