A Word to Fathers


To be a successful father today, you have to swim upstream against the strong current of our culture, and be willing to live a counter-cultural …

Abandon Your Ark!


On the day Noah emerged from the ark, he turned from being a boat-builder to being an altar-builder. His right response to God’s saving mercy was …

Remember Who You Are


When I was a teenager and I’d leave home or be away from my parents, they would always say to me: “Remember who you are, boy! Remember who you are…” …

Grasp This Goodness


We want to share with you one sentence that’s so powerful, it contains all the basic doctrines of our faith inside. If you can grasp this one …

Freedom is Now and Forever


In Romans, Paul tells us we have freedom from sin: Now you may be thinking, “If I’ve been set free from sin, then why do I still struggle with it?” …

“It Is Finished!” Discover These Powerful Words


Every year, Easter offers the reminder that you and I need to anchor our lives in the proven truth of God’s Word. One way to do that is by meditating …

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