Ample Evidence

June 06, 2023
Ample Evidence
"So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ."
Romans 10:17

Francis Schaeffer, the great 20th century theologian, told of a tour group in the Alps that became trapped by fog and knew they most likely would not survive the night on the mountain. But they heard a voice calling across the mountain, telling them: “I know these mountains."

Take five steps to your left until you find a rock, then turn around, slide down on that rock, and let yourself drop down to a ledge about ten feet below. There is a cave there where you can be safe during the night, and I will come to get you in the morning.” Many people believe that the Christian faith requires a blind leap into the unknown. But Jesus says, “I know where you are. I know the situation you are in. Trust Me, even in the dark, and I will come to get you in the morning.” Christianity is not a leap into the dark; it is a confident leap into the Light.

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