Are You the Real Deal?


In the parable of the wheat and the tares, a man sows wheat in his field. That very night, an enemy comes to his field and sows tares, which is a …

Pour It Out


What does it require for us to develop the mind of Christ?  One thing that is essential is that we empty ourselves. When a glass is full, you can’t …

A Precious Heirloom


A little girl asked her mom, ‘Mommy, do you remember that beautiful vase that is a family heirloom and that has been handed down from generation to …

Living Proof


If someone asked me to provide, as succinctly as possible, evidence that there is a God, I would answer, “Israel, God’s chosen people still stands …

One Of Those Days


Charlie Brown and Lucy were on a cruise ship, and they were setting up their folding chairs on the deck of the ship. Lucy said, ‘Charlie, some people …

Real Joy


There are some things in life that are joy takers, and others that are joy givers.  What are some of the joy takers? The first is habits – unhealthy …

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