March 13, 2018
Wait for the LORD; be strong and let your heart take courage; yes, wait for the LORD. –PSALM 27:14
How tall is a giant? Ten of the twelve spies Moses sent into the Promised Land assumed they knew the measure. Israelite soldiers quaking in front of Goliath thought they knew.

Actually, they all would have been wrong. A giant is tall as Joshua and Caleb, who believed in God more than the colossuses of Canaan. David was a greater giant on the battlefield that day than Goliath. A giant is a “braveheart,” a person with courage to wait on the Lord. The invaders are whooping in, but the man or woman of courage holds the ground. “Don’t run,” they tell themselves. “Wait for the word of the Commander.” That’s the person of spiritual courage, waiting on God, confident He will lead the battle.

Ernest Hemingway said courage is grace under pressure. In truth, bravery is fear plus prayer. Giants’ may quake, but their stature reaches to the heavens, where their hearts are made brave.

Ask God to give you a courageous heart, the heart of a spiritual giant.
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