God calls you to a radical change of lifestyle

March 30, 2017
“Go forth from your country, and from your relatives and from your father's house, to the land which I will show you.” -GENESIS 12:1
Abram was called by God to leave the land he’d lived in all his life. When God calls you and me, it is usually a call just like the one Abram received: a call to radical change. We don’t generally like to leave what we know, even when it’s bad. We especially don’t like to leave what is known for what is unknown. Abram left his culture. His friends and relatives. His father’s house. His old routine. His old agenda. His old nature. 

A few years ago the cover of Time magazine announced that “Infidelity May Be Genetic.” I remember reading it and thinking, “this world has gone nuts! Now they’re trying to excuse adultery by saying it’s in our genes.” 

Then I thought more about it and realized they were right! There’s a fallacy about these days that man is inherently good, but he is not. He is inherently sinful. It’s our nature. It may not be in our physical DNA, but it’s definitely in our spiritual make up. We are all born with a bent toward sin. So when God calls us, He says we are to leave our old nature behind and make a radical change in lifestyle. The good news is, the change takes place from the inside out. Not only does God call us, he transforms us. He replaces our old heart of stone with a new heart of flesh, and He gives us the power we need to obey Him.