God the cheerleader

December 30, 2019
"For the Lord takes pleasure in His people; He will beautify the humble with salvation." - PSALM 149:4

My three sons played basketball throughout their school years. I cheered for them from the stands and took great delight watching their games. If you know God as Father, you have the capacity to bring Him delight. When the Psalmist writes that God will “beautify the humble,” it means literally that He will “polish” them. Parents will cheer for other kids on their child’s team, but not the way they will for their own children.

In the same way, God delights in the “kids” who love Him as Father, and He cheers us on to victory! So, consider where you are in life right now and the situations you face. Savor the fact that God is cheering you on, if you are His child and seeking to live for Him.

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