In Their Shoes

June 29, 2023
In Their Shoes
"Then I came to the exiles who lived beside the river…and I sat there seven days where they were living…"
Ezekiel 3:15

Ezekiel discovered the genius of life, and the genius of communication, when he sat with the exiles for seven days. What if every husband would sit for a while where his wife sits, or every wife would sit where her husband sits? Do you think that might transform a marriage and a home?

When you sit where others sit, you learn to see through their eyes. And that is empathy, that is sympathy - that is standing in someone else’s shoes. When we sit where others sits, it changes our lives. Our Heavenly Father did this for us, didn’t He? He didn’t just speak to us from an armchair in Heaven. He spoke to us from a cross. He sat where we sit so that one day we will be able to sit where he sits – and that is glory.

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