Is there a heart in there?

June 04, 2018
Why is there a price in the hand of a fool to buy wisdom, when he has no heart capable of seeing? (Literal) PROVERBS 17:16

Harry, a friend of mine, had been on a long trip. Exhausted, he collapsed on his sofa. His first and second graders returned from school. They hadn’t seen daddy in a long time, and tip-toed to where he lay. Harry pretended to be asleep. “Do you think he’s dead?” his daughter asked her sibling. “I’ll see.” She pried open Harry’s eye and peered inside. “No, he’s still in there,” she reported.

C.S. Lewis wrote of “men without chests,” describing people living heartless, thoughtless lives. So the Proverbs speaks of people with no heart “in there” capable of receiving wisdom. Imagine a homeless person buying a piano. There is no place to house the instrument. So it is with those who have no heart “in there.” They seek treasures for which they have no capacity.

God’s revelation is available to all, but those who have no heart for it will not receive it. Only the Lord can give you a heart for His truth.

Consider the capacity and readiness of your heart to receive God’s deepest truth. Ask the Father to give you a heart capable of seeing and embracing God’s profound revelation.