It’s time to send in the clowns

August 25, 2017
I CORINTHIANS 4:10 - We are fools for Christ’s sake…

I don’t know what you think, but I believe Judy Collins was right. When things get so confused, so complex, so baffling that all we know of life and love begins to resemble a circus—it’s time to send in the clowns. We desperately need in this world funny people, foolish people, fun-offering people. We need clowns. One of my favorite people in all the world was born on April Fool’s Day. She loved to laugh, and she loved a good joke, even if the joke was on her. But my friend Jane wasn’t just a fun-loving, fun-to-be-around person. She was a fool for Christ. There was nothing—absolutely nothing—she would not do for her Lord’s sake, no matter how ridiculous it seemed.

We need, in this hour, Christians who are willing to play the fool for Jesus Christ. Spiritual arrogance is a deadly disease. We have nothing for which to be proud because we have nothing that God has not given us. The apostle Paul examined his own heart and said, “I thought I had lots of reasons to be proud, but on second thought—I’m nothing but a fool for Christ. He’s the only thing that matters...the only thing that will last.” With that in mind, is there anything Jesus Christ could ask that is “beneath you?” Be a fool for Christ.
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