No one to thank

November 25, 2018
Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift! - 2 CORINTHIANS 9:15

There are lakes in Switzerland whose waters are the color of blue sapphire. Snow-bright mountains leap from their depths like pure white stallions. On sunny days when wispy clouds swizzle the sky the beauty is more than the eye can celebrate.

One such morning a woman, staying in a hotel across the lake from one of the alpine shores cast open her window. The lady was an atheist and yet she was overwhelmed at the scene and she cried to herself, “I wish I had someone to thank for this!”

At Thanksgiving I feel sadness for those whose hearts are faithless. The joy of gratitude is being able to say, “Thank you.” But if there is no one to thank, the gratitude can only be turned back inward and the idolatry of self grows another foot or two. Thanks be to God!

Today’s Focus
Above all else, thank God for being God. Praise Him for His attributes of love, mercy, justice, eternal being and for being “there” for you to thank.

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