Object of your Faith

February 17, 2021
“And the apostles said to the Lord, ‘Increase our faith.'" - LUKE 17:5

A little boy was standing in the middle of the block, not on the corner. A businessman saw him and told him that the bus wouldn’t stop in the middle of the block. “You need to go to the corner where there is a bus stop,” he said. But the boy just replied, “I have lots of faith that the bus will pick me up right here.”

About that time a big old bus came down the street, and it came right up to the little boy and the door opened. As he stepped on the bus, the boy turned to the man and said, “Mister, the bus driver is my daddy.”

When God is at the wheel, our faith is well placed. No matter what the circumstances, we know that He will meet us right where we are. Want strong faith? Then make sure that the object of your faith is your loving heavenly Father.

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