The bold heart

August 30, 2018
The wicked flee when no one is pursuing, but the righteous are bold as a lion. - PROVERBS 28:1

A young man in our church went aloft in a hot air balloon. Then, far above the ground, and leapt out at the end of a bungee rope! I read awhile back about a company that offers “adrenalin vacations.” For a solid week they will take you on ventures equaling the feat of my young friend, pumping you with ever-increasing boldness.

People whose hearts are bent on evil lose their boldness after a while. They spend a lifetime looking over their back. After a while, they jump at the slightest breeze. But those whose hearts are increasingly conformed to God’s character increase in their boldness.

Jim DeLoach, one of my associates, fought in World War Two. He was a daring young man back then. But Jim has a spiritual faith that outstrips in boldness and courage anything he had in his youth. Decades of trusting God, going into trying situations with enlarging faith has brought this old soldier of God to lion-like boldness.

Venture out for God into situations that will require enlarged faith and courage, and ask God for the increase of boldness.

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