The Brake

May 02, 2018
"If my step has turned from the way, or my heart followed my eyes …” -Job 31:7
The eyes race toward disaster if the heart does not put on the brakes. 

As a senior in seminary I drove the same 75-mile route every morning to get from my home to class. Day after day and month after month on the same road meant my car could almost make the trip automatically. The problem was that my eyes always zoomed ahead, knowing every bend.
The reckoning day came, and a patrolman ticketed me. Unbelievably, a few weeks later, I looked down while on the same stretch, and I was speeding at the same rate as the day I got the ticket. Needless to say, my foot raced to the brake, and I slowed down the vehicle before the officer had to stop me again.

When the heart speeds along with the eyes, there is brake failure. The mission of the spiritual heart is to slow us down with caution and reason. To put it another way, when your emotions put the pedal to the metal, give heed to the cautions of the heart!

Pray that God will give you a heart that will put on the brakes when your eyes are zipping toward disaster.
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