The compassionate heart

February 15, 2018
And so, as those who have been chosen of God, holy and beloved, put on a heart of compassion … - COLOSSIANS 3:12

Julian the Apostate was a Roman ruler who wanted a return to the old paganism instead of the Christianity embraced by Constantine.  But Julian couldn’t refute the deeds of Christ’s followers, and he lamented, “The impious Galileans (Christians) relieve both their own poor and ours. It is shameful that ours should be so destitute of our assistance.”           

Christ’s love in a person’s heart results in compassion. To try to stop works of compassion from people transformed by Christ is like trying to put a lid on Old Faithful. The passion inevitably is going to send the geyser spurting.

Compassion is an emotion, but, stirred by the Holy Spirit, it is also deeds. Faithful is the way needy people should view persons who have been given hearts of compassion by Jesus Christ.

Think of the acts of compassion people have extended you and give God thanks for them. Ask Him to increase the compassion in your heart and to open opportunities for you to serve people.

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