The perfect gift for Jesus

December 11, 2019
“Present yourselves to God as those alive from the dead, and your members as instruments of righteousness to God.” - Romans 6:13

A grandmother was in a mall with her 6-year-old grandson, and she met a friend. The woman looked down at the little boy and asked, “Hey there, young man. What do you want for Christmas?”

He looked up at her and replied, “That’s not the question.”

The woman was a bit surprised – to say the least.

The boy continued, “I know the question, and I know the answer too.”

The woman said, “Okay, what are they?”

He replied, “The question is, ‘What will I give to Jesus this Christmas?’ And the answer is, ‘Me!’”

That boy had it right! That is what God wants from us. When we receive the gift of God’s Son, Jesus, He wants us to give Him ourselves in return. That is the supernatural transaction that enables us to celebrate fully and completely God’s gift to us at Christmas.

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