The power of a clear-cut sense of purpose

July 11, 2017
MATTHEW 17:22-23 - …”The Son of Man is going to be delivered into the hands of men; and they will kill Him, and He will be raised on the third day.”

The mother of four young children was running errands on a Saturday. She had groceries to buy, dry cleaning to pick up, and a long “to-do” list to tackle. After a couple of hours, the troops became restless. Two were fighting. Two were crying. In between traffic lights, she was trying her best to placate everyone. Then it hit her: the kids are hungry. We’ll get some lunch, and then we can finish our errands.

She drove into Wendy’s with one mission in mind: to feed her children. She ordered “fun meals” all around, drove to the window, and picked up the food. Before she was back on the freeway, one of the children began to wail. “I didn’t get a burger! There’s no burger in here!” Mom quickly retraced her route, wheeled up to the fast food restaurant, and marched inside with her incomplete fun meal in its Wendy’s bag. “My girl didn’t get a burger when we came through the drive-through just now. Put a burger in this bag, please.” The girl behind the counter just stood there and stared. “Maybe you didn’t hear me,” the mother said, more firmly this time. “I need one more burger. Put it in the bag and hurry—I’ve got four hungry kids in the car.” No response. The mother’s patience was almost gone, and her choleric personality kicked in: “I said, I need another burger. Put it in this bag RIGHT NOW!” Without saying a word, the young lady at the counter reached back, got a hamburger, and dropped it in the bag. “Thank you very much,” the mom said sarcastically, and she turned and walked out of... McDonald’s.

It is amazing what can be accomplished with a clear cut sense of purpose! I know of no one who ever rivaled Jesus Christ for a sense of purpose. He came for one reason, and one reason only...and He never lost sight of His mission. Those who hindered Him, even friends, soon understood that His focus was unwavering and strong.