"The primary purpose of the Holy Spirit "

March 02, 2017
…but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words. – ROMANS 8:26
When the Christian prays, the Holy Spirit in him speaks to God the Father through Jesus Christ the Son. In other words, the whole Trinity prays with us! Isn’t that something? The Holy Spirit is getting more attention these days, but it seems that His role is frequently misunderstood. 

Sometime back I was attending a concert by Caedmon’s Call—a band that includes my youngest son Cliff and my daughter-in-law Danielle. Before the concert began, I was introduced to a lot of folks, including a young lady who wanted me to meet the members of her Bible study group. I went over and said hello, and they told me they had been studying the Holy Spirit for over a year and a half! “Let me ask you a question,” I said. “You’ve been studying the Holy Spirit all this time…I wonder if you could tell me what the purpose of the Holy Spirit is in your life?” It was not a trick question, but they were not sure. They looked at one another for help. “Do you know? No. You? No. You? No, me neither.” Now if you have been studying the Holy Spirit for a year and a half, you might have a clue about His role. But no one wanted to venture a guess. The Holy Spirit is not here to bring honor or attention to Himself. He is not here to be worshipped. The Holy
Spirit intercedes for us and points us to Jesus Christ. That is His primary purpose day.
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