The Sluggish Heart

May 12, 2018
And He said to them, "O foolish men and slow of heart to believe in all that the prophets have spoken!”   -Luke 24:25
Spiritual spring fever is as stultifying as the physical languor caused by thoughts of hammocks strung between trees, fish lunging for bait and sleepy afternoons.

The heart slow to believe is afflicted with spiritual spring fever perpetually. The followers of Jesus walking home to Emmaus after observing the crucifixion were surrounded by prophetic truth, but their hearts were too woozy to see it.

They had heard and read the prophecies from that the Messiah would be betrayed by a friend for 30 pieces of silver, that He would be accused by false witnesses, spat upon and smitten, would be crucified with transgressors, His hands and side pierced, buried with the dead and rise again. 

All these things had been foreseen hundreds of years before, and were part of the biblical faith of the Emmaus road disciples’ time, but they were missing it. Their hearts were slow on the pick-up.

That happens to us, too. We study the Bible and know it in our heads, but our hearts are slow to believe and understand when things begin happening around us that demonstrate God’s work in our day. 

Shake your heart out of its spiritual spring fever!

What’s God doing in your life and world right now? Ask the Holy Spirit for a heart fully awake to all God is doing.
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