What you will become

February 27, 2017
Beloved, now we are children of God, and it has not appeared as yet what we shall be. –1 JOHN 3:2
Not one of us knows what we will become. We can study for a certain career, plan for a certain vocation…but we do not know what we shall be. When we come to Christ, we become members of His family, and He takes us on as His divine project. He alone knows what we will become. He knows the precise blending of blessing and brokenness necessary to conform us to the image of Christ and allow us to be used by Him. 

Suppose there is a certain aristocratic family in London, England, and the heir to this family’s fortune is Lord Something-or-Other. He is wealthy and cultured. He and his wife and all of their children are graduates of Oxford and Cambridge. Lord Something-or-Other decides rather late in life to adopt a child—a young boy—from the Belgian Congo. He brings the boy to London and sets about indoctrinating him into the family. What a challenge! This foreigner will need language tutors, etiquette lessons, and instruction on how to dress and act in aristocratic circles. It will be no small challenge to make him into “one of the family.” 

In one sense, that’s what God has done with us. We have been adopted into His family…born again. Right now we do not know where the journey is going to take us. We can only be certain that through blessings and buffetings, He will shape us into the man or woman He desires us to become…and He will not stop until the job is complete.
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