When God takes pleasure

September 07, 2018
For the LORD takes pleasure in His people; He will beautify the afflicted ones with salvation. – PSALM 149:4

A couple adopted two Chinese orphan girls. One’s face was marred by deformity, and corrective surgery was arranged in Houston. When the bandages were removed, the mom exclaimed, “She’s perfect!”

After each stage of initial creation, God viewed what He had made and said, “It is good.” God’s artistry brought Him satisfaction. But the human heart was deformed and afflicted by sin. The glory of God imprinted upon it was marred. But the Psalmist says God “beautifies” or “embellishes the afflicted. He restores the glory, through Christ’s salvation. The moment your heart is born again through Jesus, its total beauty is restored in the eyes of God!

It took time for the scars to disappear from the Chinese child’s face, but her new mother saw beauty instantly. While God sees total beauty in us the moment we become one with Christ, in this world, there is a progression of that beauty as we grow in Christ. But at this moment, if you have Christ’s salvation, you are totally beautiful in God’s eyes. Let that sink in, and your view of yourself will be transformed with new confidence!

Thank God for making your heart beautiful in His sight through Jesus Christ.

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