World peace and the heart

June 10, 2018
"For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, slanders. - MATTHEW 15:19

The politicians and diplomats strive for global peace, dreamy idealists slap on bumper stickers reading, “Visualize World Peace,” but it eludes the most astute diplomat and the most daring of dreamers. When the idea for the United Nations was taking shape, there was a public forum, open to anyone. The elites were there, but so were people off the street. The auditorium vibrated with the hope of deliberation replacing destruction in the collision of nations.

“Are there any questions,” the moderator asked after discussions. A housewife waved her hand. “Yes Madam?” The wispy woman asked, “What do you propose to do about human nature?” This is the fundamental question not only regarding global peace, but personal peace.

The story of the woman at the United Nations forum may be an urban legend. But it’s no legend that Jesus Christ has the power to do something about “human nature” by giving an individual a new heart!

Pray for peace in the world. Pray for global evangelism and missions, and that individuals everywhere will be transformed by Jesus Christ into people of peace.