A Different Perspective

June 22, 2020

I grew up in Laurel, Mississippi. And I knew every tree, every street, and just about every person there like the back of my own hand.

Well, one day the time came for me to leave Laurel. And after a few years away, I realized that I was suddenly able to see my hometown from a different perspective—a fuller perspective. I’d developed a better understanding of the place and the people.

You see, often times we’re so close to things that we don’t see them accurately. But when we look from a different perspective, we start to understand better.

Friend, God sees our lives from a radically different perspective than we do.

He sees the struggles you face, the victories you experience, and even the current global situation through a lens you and I don’t have right now.

But in Jesus, we can gain a glimpse of that perspective. And when we see Jesus as Lord and see our own place in history as part of His story, the fear we experience doesn’t grip us like it used to.

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