Freedom is Now and Forever

April 06, 2023

In Romans, Paul tells us we have freedom from sin:

For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and of death.
Romans 8:2

Now you may be thinking, “If I’ve been set free from sin, then why do I still struggle with it?” Perhaps this illustration will give you some comfort:

Picture a coin falling toward the ground. It’s under the influence of the law of gravity.

Because of the downward pull of the earth, it is in the coin’s very nature to fall. But what if, before it hits the ground, I reach out and take the coin in my hand? I lift it up higher and higher, not only overcoming the law of gravity but also defying it.

Does this mean gravity has ceased to operate? No. But it does mean that a higher law has come into effect.

You and I are victims of the Fall, so it is our nature, as fallen people, to sin.
Because of that, we will encounter troubles in this life. But in Christ Jesus, a higher law operates—the law of the Spirit of life.

This greater law sets us free from the lesser law of sin and death.
For now, it is working its way through our spirits, but one day—in eternity—our entire bodies, indeed all of us, will be finally and completely free.

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