Life Is Like a Rollercoaster

February 01, 2018

Wherever you are right now on your ride through life, you can be sure God wants you to experience the closeness of Christ.

Your story of salvation begins with knowing your sins are forgiven by Jesus. Whether you’ve been a believer for 50 minutes or 50 years, you need to cling to this most precious truth.

Here are three ways you can know the nearness of Jesus in your life–no matter how bumpy the ride!

1. Renew your grasp on the forgiveness you have in Jesus

If you’ve repented of your sin and turned to Christ for forgiveness, then you’re a new creation, with a new heart and a new home in God’s Kingdom!

But if Jesus feels distant, then pray for a renewed grasp of the forgiveness you have in His name. Ask Him to help you deal with what’s keeping you apart.

2. Return to the feet of Jesus.

Miracles happen at the feet of Jesus! Think of the woman bound by suffering for 12 years; of the leper begging to be made clean; of Bartimaeus pleading for his sight… 
Friend, don’t sit around waiting for a lightning bolt! God has already done all that’s necessary for you to draw near.

So come and sit at His feet. Pour out your heart to Him in prayer. Open His Word and hear Him speak. Obey and watch Him work in your life! 

3. Remember the power of Jesus.

Maybe it’s the trials in your life that make Jesus seem far off.

Take heart. We know Jesus reigns over every circumstance–because Jesus has conquered the ultimate enemy. Death itself is defeated!

So whatever is causing you anxiety or fear, He’s got it covered. Entrust yourself into His powerful, victorious hands! 

I pray these truths will help you realize that Jesus is nearer than you ever imagined. He always has been–and always will be, through every twist and turn to come!

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